Persuading Your Company to Establish a Design System

Diana Wolosin | Design Systems
4 min readFeb 13, 2023

Many companies struggle to make the transition to a design system because they see it as an unnecessary luxury or a low priority. This can be due to a lack of understanding about the benefits of a design system, or a belief that design can be handled on a case-by-case basis. Let me begin by highlighting that if you’re facing this issue, then you have a significant opportunity.

Making the case for a design system within your company can be challenging, but it is important to emphasize the long-term benefits. Design systems are becoming increasingly essential in the world of product design. They provide a comprehensive and cohesive framework for creating and maintaining design guidelines, ensuring consistency and efficiency across all products. However, not all companies have implemented a design system or have made it a priority. In this article, I will give you the arguments you need to pitch the initiative like a pro and convince your company to establish a design system.

  1. Whom should you persuade?
    Before presenting your initiative to leadership, it’s important to ensure that your team members and potential design system stakeholders are on board with the implementation of a design system. This multi-disciplinary and time-consuming project requires buy-in from all involved parties, not just leadership. Have a preliminary discussion with your team to ensure everyone is in agreement and ready to support the initiative before pitching your idea.
  2. A design system streamlines the product team workflow
    A design system is a crucial tool for product teams, as it helps to streamline the design process and ensure consistency across all products. With a well-established design system in place, designers and developers can save time by using pre-existing components, patterns, and guidelines. This allows the to focus on more creative and challenging aspects of design, rather than repeating ordinary tasks or trying to come up with new solutions for similar problems, and developers to repurpose existing lines of code.
  3. A design system improves collaboration
    A design system can greatly strengthen the cross-functional collaboration between the product team members. When everyone is working from the same set of guidelines, it becomes easier to understand each other’s design…



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